Product & Service


We provide a bespoke service producing special, one-off projects tailored to your specific requirements.  These projects, typically a departure from the day to day print run are great to work on, offer the potential to 'get creative' and the end result is generally very satisfying. For example, the photo opposite was a project designed, produced and installed for the reception area of the BBC in Salford. Created to promote their new Furchester Hotel programming on CBeebies the structure was conceived as a photo opportunity for young visitors to be able to have their picture taken with their favourite characters.


Direct to media or DTM is a generic term that generally means printing to a ridged substrate using UV cured inks, although this process can also be used for flexible materials. The ability to print DTM at a very high quality has revolutionised graphic design and production. UV cured ink means that the substrate no longer needs to be a coated material, nor absorbent, as the image is dried immediately by UV lamps.  DTM means we are able to print 'directly' onto pretty much any material, ridged sheet or roll, providing hard wearing creative print such as the stair risers you see in the image opposite.     


We work with a number of design agencies producing the graphic requirements for their clients.  Being at the bottom of the food chain we are often asked to produce to a very tight time scale, which we will always accommodate, if at all possible. 

To facilitate this requirement we aim to build strong working relationships with our clients, through fluid communication so that wherever possible we can pre-empt time pressures, planning production to enabling us to hit, often short, lead-times.   


Installations can also be time pressured, often with the requirement to work with other trades to complete the job on time.  The photo opposite shows a great example of various graphic installations applied the day before opening.  

Of particular note is the image of the angel, printed onto clear vinyl, utilising the pattern and texture of the tiles behind to create a hand painted mural effect. 


Exhibition graphics can involve a wide range of production methods often, again, produced under considerable time pressures. We produce high quality graphic print onto a variety of materials for example, visible in the image opposite are: Print direct to media, Print and gloss seal, Duo Transparencies for light boxes, Dye sub print to tensile cloth, Vinyl applied to acrylic, and Cut vinyl. 

Stunning graphics can be the making of an exhibit and we would be happy to help make your displays stand out from the crowd!   


Custom wallpaper can be used to turn any space into a new branding opportunity, create impact, or simply to just brighten an area.  High resolution images printed direct to media are easily installed using self-adhesive materials. 

Applied to a sound finish a quality wallpaper will last for years but, when it’s time for a change, can also be easily removed without leaving a residue enabling multiple applications, for example, to support internal promotional activities or to bring a brand to life. 


Magnetic and ferrous solutions are becoming very popular in retail applications particularly where graphics need to be constantly changed. A magnetic area is created by applying magnetic vinyl to a panel or directly to a wall. We print to a ferrous paper (paper with a metal element within it) which is then applied directly to the magnetic surface. There are no adhesives involved and the paper can be removed and re applied as many times as required.  Our clients use ferrous material for their menus systems because it is easy to ship (it simply rolls up), requiring no tools and  little training for installation. 


We print to vinyl and we cut text and designs from coloured vinyl but the ability machine cut around an intricately shaped print, quickly and accurately produces full coloured, shaped print finished to an extremely high standard. 

Cut to print enables the production of multiple prints, large or small, all cut perfectly. The plotter scans registration points printed at the same time as the image and maps a cutting path to those points ensuring the first imprint is exactly the same as the last. 


Whether refurbishing your premises or simply having the need to restrict prying eyes from seeing where they are not wanted the days of white washing the window are long gone. Large format digital print onto vinyl not only obscures vision into a premises but can also create eye-catching displays, bringing an extra dimension to your otherwise redundant windows. There is almost no limit to the uses of printed window vinyl whether for branding purposes, signage, glass manifestation or simply for decorative purposes and both internal and external options are available.


Hoardings are required on construction sites and retail spaces to cover unsightly building works, to protect the public and for security for example, internally at a shopping mall or externally on a building site. The right graphics applied to a hoarding are an extremely attention grabbing form of promotional advertising presenting products and services to passing foot and vehicle traffic. These large empty canvases are crying out to present a brand, indicate what is to come once they are removed and inform the public of when the development will be completed.


Custom printed floor graphics look great in commercial spaces, provide directional signage and are a great way to promote products or services. Floor graphics can take various forms for example print to high tac vinyl, covered with a highly durable floor seal and applied directly to a impervious surface or print direct to a substrate such as foamex or Dibond, again cover with floor seal and cut into a carpet such as the illustration opposite. Printing to a substrate elevates the graphic to the thickness of the carpet and creates a perfectly level surface for heavy footfall.


Contravision is a product we offer that transforms glass into a one-way vision panel where a full colour image can be seen from the outside but the window appears clear on the inside. The photo opposite shows a project designed, produced and installed for a customer who wanted a large aquatic image on each of their four windows. Initially envisaged as printed images cut to shape the customer was delighted when we suggested Contravision.  It was the perfect solution to to present images and information to the outside whilst still being able to watch the world go by on the inside!